Why Detroit's Dining Scene Should Embrace Local Competition

When it comes to the local playing field, the approach to competition in the restaurant & hospitality industry are changing. At least it is in Detroit.

While competition will always exist on some level — and more so in some cities than in others — Detroit is one example of a city taking a stand to create relationships rather than enemies with neighboring business owners. 

As Michael Jackman reflects in a recent Detroit Metro Times piece, the restaurant & hospitality industry is a great example of this progression. Because creating networks opens doors of opportunity, whereas competition only keeps them ajar.


Detroit’s craft beer scene is a great example of this local camaraderie. John Linardos of Motor City Brewing, who was also a founding member of the Michigan Brewers Guild, makes a point that reflects on a national scale. Craft brewers tend to gravitate toward community and rally together to help each other out. This segment is also extremely transparent when it comes to things like sharing data or processes to solve problems and make craft beer better.

And perhaps that’s one of the biggest key ingredients to a neighborhood’s success: connecting not only to consumers, but to local chefs, restaurant operators and cocktail & beer professionals. At the end of the day, in order for a local dining scene to have sustainable success, you need to realize that you cannot do it alone. 

Read the full Metro Times article here.