First Look: Foodable Show "Beer Artisan" Will Explore America's Craft Beer Culture

No matter how you slice it, craft beer is killing it.

In 2014, volume share for craft brewers hit an all-time high of 11%, up from 7.8% the year before. According to Foodable Industry Expert Bill Sysak, the craft beer ambassador for Stone Brewing Co., there has also been a huge growth in breweries throughout the past six years — a 50% growth rate.

So it seemed only fair we give love to the brew scene the best way we, at Foodable, know how — with a show of its own. Because when it comes to the craft beer world, there is so much to explore. From production quality, scalability and the seemingly limitless varieties to equipment and ingredients, craft beer is more than meets the tap. And while those attributes are equally important, perhaps one of the best parts of craft beer (aside from the actual beer, of course) is the community that surrounds it. 

We invite you to be part of the endless discovery of this passionate craft that has taken America by storm. 

“Beer Artisan,” hosted by Taplister Founder & Consultant Kerry Finsand, explores the movement that has transformed America from a country dominated by big label beers, into one with more than 3,400 craft breweries. The first season will dive deep into the Portland, Oregon craft beer scene, one of the most iconic regions of craft culture.

“Beer Artisan” will serve to tell the story of this phenomenal culture shift, as well as introduce the passionate personalities that made — and continue to make — it happen. 

Get a first look at the “Beer Artisan” trailer above, and make sure to follow @beerartisan on Twitter for more information!