Paulie Gee's Welcoming Brooklyn to Miami


With summer underway, it's not just the weather heating up  -- the culinary scene is getting hotter in Miami, especially with new restaurants, especially transplants from other food capitals, hitting its ever-lively streets. Later this year, a bit of Brooklyn is about to be tossed into the mix.

Paulie Gee's, a Brooklyn pizzeria born from one man's last-ditch attempt to escape the boredom of life as an IT tech, will make its home at NE 80th Street and Biscayne Boulevard. Jason Weisberg, the owner and operator of this upcoming location, is treating this venture as a homecoming as much as an opening.

"I grew up here as a child visiting my grandparents in Bay Harbor. Since I was an infant, this was the dropping ground for my parents. The greatest part of my life has been in Miami," he said. Read More