Seafood Conference Swimming into NOLA


During Lent season, seafood starts flooding New Orleans, but next year, this city may kick it up a notch by playing host to an international gathering called Slow Fish.

As a project by Slow Food, a global food advocacy group, Slow Fish encourages the use of neglected species and supports small fisheries around the world. This movement coincides with the topics of sustainability and bringing awareness to habitat loss and industrialization. While biannual fairs have been held in Genoa, Italy, Slow Fish hopes to make a new home in NOLA.

it is planned for March 10-14 and will include a conference for fisherman, chefs, researchers and advocates. The details for Slow Fish are still in the works, but local organizers are participating in a bycatch seafood happy hour called Fish Tails & Cocktails on July 13 as the first event leading up to the conference. Read More