Restaurants and Bars Twist Up the Bloody Mary

Bars and restaurants across the country are mixing up the Bloody Mary. From scotch to tequila, the famous brunch cocktail is seeing boozy flavors beyond the traditional vodka that is used. Many have found that using spirits with more flavors only make the Bloody Mary better and adds additional flavor that you just can’t get with vodka. The garnishes have also been upgraded as Bloody Marys have increased in popularity. From bacon to sliders to cheese, it’s like an immediate cocktail and appetizer all at once. 

Let’s take a look at some of the venues mixing up special Bloody Marys:

Kansas City, Missouri

Port Fonda, a restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine in Kansas City, not only offers Bloody Marys made with tequila and mezcal, but you get to customize your drink with their Bloody Maria Bar. During their brunch service you get to pick your brand of tequila or mezcal, choose your rim, and pick your fixins, which are the garnishes in the south. The best part of this is you get exactly what you want which will ease a hangover immediately. Build your “Bloody Maria” then enjoy it with Port Fonda’s breakfast tacos.  

Various Locations, California and Arizona

Paul Martin’s, an American Grill in California and Arizona, boasts eight locations serving boozy brunch cocktails. They offer a twist on the classic Bloody Mary by substituting the vodka for tequila. Their Bloody Maria is made with Patron Blanco Tequila, housemade Bloody Mary mix, grape tomatoes, olives, and a tajin rim. Tajin is a Mexican seasoning that consists of chile peppers, salt and lime. Pair this tequila Bloody Mary with French toast, eggs benedict, or a special omelet.  

Atlanta, Georgia

The Lawrence in Atlanta is located in the Midtown area and has an amazing cocktail program. They offer a Bloody Mary variation made with mezcal to give the traditional drink a smoky flavor. This smoky and spicy brunch beverage is garnished with a cucumber to add a fresh flavor. Try this smoky mezcal bloody with the fried chicken and waffles at brunch to aid your hangover.    

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Stack’d in Milwaukee, a burger bar that offers a fun mix up of Bloody Marys. All Bloody Marys at Stack’d are made with homemade Bloody Mary mix and garnished with lemon, lime, pickle, green olive, cheese, and a beef stick. They offer your standard spicy and traditional Bloody Marys. Other spirit options include:

  • Cucumber Gin Snapper: house-infused cucumber gin, homemade Bloody Mary mix, tomato juice and lemon
  • Cilantro Bloody Maria: House-infused cilantro Casa Pacific Tequila, homemade bloody mary mix, tomato juice and lime
  • Bacon Bourbon Bloody: House-infused bacon Old Bardstown Bourbon, homemade Bloody Mary mix and tomato juice

One thing to note is that most Bloody Marys in the Midwest are served with a sidecar of beer to really remedy that pulsing hangover headache.  

2 Bloody Mary Spin-Offs

If you’re local brunch spot offers the traditional vodka Bloody Mary and you are ready to spice it up, ask for one of these fun twists on the classic recipe:

Created by Tim Heuisler, Time Restaurant, Philadelphia

2 oz. The Black Grouse
3 ½ oz. Tomato Juice (McClures Bloody Mary Mix)
½ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz. Worcestershire 
Pinch Celery Salt
Pinch Fresh Horseradish

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into an ice-filled glass and garnish with a gherkin, pickled onion and piece of bacon.

Jäger Mary

1.7 fl oz Jägermeister
12.5 ml lemon juice
12.5 ml gomme syrup
Pinch of sea salt
Pinch of black pepper
Pinch of paprika
Dash of tabasco
½ tsp Mediterranean herbs
¼ tsp horseradish
Tomato juice to fill
Celery sticks and cherry tomato to garnish

Pour the Jägermeister, lemon juice, and gomme syrup into a long drink glass 

Add salt, pepper, paprika, tabasco, herbs and horseradish. Give it a good stir and then fill up with tomato juice.

Garnish with a healthy celery stick, a cherry tomato, and a renewed faith in your ability to recover from a hangover.

Remember next time you’re at brunch to be creative with your Bloody Mary. Try another spirit beyond the traditional vodka to add flavor and flair. Change out the vodka for tequila, mezcal, scotch, gin, or anything else that is on the back bar.