Exploring Gluten-Free Brands at the 2015 NRA Show

On this On Foodable episode, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Host Paul Barron explores gluten-free products at the 2015 National Restaurant Association Show. 

First stop? R.W. Bakers Co., a 15-year-old company that has one of the largest gluten-free manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Joining us from the brand are Cookie Jar Founder Stephanie Nelson and R.W. Bakers Gluten-Free Brand Manager Julie Kennebeck.

Next up, we chat with CEO Jimmy DeSisto of Venice Bakery, a 60-year-old family business that operates out of Los Angeles with two facilities — one that manufactures its wheat-based products and one that’s strictly for gluten-free products. Desisto discusses how a friend inspired the brand’s expansion into gluten-free, and what challenges came along with it.