Keeping Austin Wired - Austin's Experimental Coffee Culture

Houndstooth Coffee Julep  | Yelp, Ellen P.

Houndstooth Coffee Julep | Yelp, Ellen P.

The craft coffee movement has taken off in Austin with a number of local coffee shops and bars opening in the city of the last several years. Yet unlike other coffee cultures nationwide, Austin's coffee scene is far more experimental - and much more interesting.  

Austin finds itself home to avant garde coffee creations such as the 'coffee julep,' a boozey offering created by Houndstooth Coffee, alongside coffee sold in nitrogen cans at Cuvee Coffee.  The city also hosts several coffee trucks that operate much like a food truck, cruising the city selling a number of specialty coffee drinks.  

Local coffee bars also live up to their name, operating similarly to actual bars with many offering a number of craft brews alongside their coffee drinks.  In addition, many coffee shops have started offering a variety of coffees on tap.  

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