Shojo Offers an Authentic Taste of Japan in Boston's Chinatown [VIDEO]

Boston is known to be a hub for academics, entrepreneurs, and some really great dining options. Some of the best authentic spots are tucked away in Beantown’s historic neighborhoods, where local foodies savor unique flavors in both cuisine and cocktails. 

Such gems shouldn’t be hidden to other food enthusiasts, which is why we’re bringing you in to get a taste for yourself. Shojo, nestled in downtown Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, is Japanese-influenced. Step inside, and the scene — from the artsy murals to Asian-inspired dishes — will transport you to another place. 

Head bartender Markus Yao joins us in this episode of Across the Bar, brought to you by the Foodable WebTV Network. Watch the full episode here as Yao whips up some of his favorite cocktails on the menu for us, including a Yakuza Old Fashioned (made with Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky, Bitter Caramel, and Bitters). Complimenting the drinks are the most beautiful ice cubes you’ve ever seen: large, hand-carved cubes made-to-order.