Bison Emerges as Healthy Beef Alternative

At a number of local Denver restaurants, bison has begun appearing on more and more menus, presenting a more healthy beef alternative. Bison is a naturally leaner protein that is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than beef, however the price can cost up to 10-15% more. Furthermore, the supply of bison is minuscule compared to the nation's beef industry.  

Currently, there are only 100 restaurants across the country that feature bison on their menus. Denver diners, however, are un-deterred and have been embracing the health aspects bison can offer as well as the delicious and unique flavor profiles the meat can add to a dish. To further emphasize the proteins nutritious aspects, Denver based Golden Bison, the third largest bison company in the world,  recently opened PlainSmart, an organization that will offer health assessments, strength training, and exercise plans all surrounding a bison-based diet. Read More