Single Ingredient Focused Restaurants Flourish in Portland

Diversity is never a bad thing, especially in restaurants, however a new crop of eateries have recently been opening in Portland that instead of focusing on serving a variety of dishes composed of a number of ingredients and culinary techniques instead focus on a single ingredient, cooked to perfection.

In Southeast Portland's La Moule, only mussels are on the menu, served a half-dozen ways including a number of unique toppings such as merguez, harissa, mint, and sherry. At Chizu, the creation of cheese monger Steve Jones, more than 30 cheeses are served to guests in a sushi-bar style manner. Still more Portland single focused restaurants include 24th and Meatballs, Uno Mas, and Slowburger. Other concepts have begun in similar fashion though have eventually expanded their menus to include other options, such as Nong's Khao Man Gai, which still serves its namesake of poached chicken but now includes other options as well. Have large and expansive menus become a thing of the past? Read More