The Aviary — Cocktail Innovation Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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Micah Melton fell in love with bartending while attending culinary school. So when the Aviary opened in Chicago, the kitchen-driven bar seemed a natural fit. Now Beverage Director at the Aviary, Micah is part “mad scientist” for his innovative concoctions that cannot be replicated by any competition. 

In this episode of Across the Bar, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Micah showcases three of his favorite cocktails: The Jungle Bird, a layered, tiki-style cocktail inspired from a 1970s classic that includes the spherification of rum; an evolving cocktail housed in a porthole that tastes completely different from the first sip to the last; and the O’Doyle Rules, a clarified, carbonated banana-flavored cocktail housed in a beaker complimented by an edible garnish that mirrors the flavor of the cocktail.