Payments HQ — With the NRA, Heartland, and MasterCard

On this NRA Special Report, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Host Paul Barron talks about new NRA initiative Payments HQ with Mike English, Executive Director of Product Development at Heartland Payment Systems; Jim Higgins, VP of Payments & Financial Services at the National Restaurant Association; and Janette McGrath, VP of Go-To Market Strategy USPD at MasterCard.

Payments HQ is a recently launched resource (which can be found on the NRA website here) that gathers information about payments in relation to the restaurant industry -- including new payments technologies -- for both NRA members and non-members. Watch the full episode above as our guests delve into how operators can benefit from Payments HQ, why Heartland and MasterCard have decided to get involved, and what insights these experts have on the future of mobile payments.