Counter 3. Five. VII — Replacing Service Staff With Chefs

In this episode of Table 42, brought to you by the Foodable Network, we are on Austin’s buzzing Congress Ave. at Counter 3. Five VII. The restaurant, which most recently ranked No. 9 on Foodable’s Top 25: Austin, has a unique format, where chefs replace service staff and directly serve guests themselves. The space is filled with counter seating surrounded by an open kitchen, as well as a bar (with a wine bar feel), and banquettes.

At the helm of this operation is Lawrence Kocurek, Executive Chef and Partner. In this episode, Chef Lawrence takes us BOH and FOH, and tells us about the origination of his lightbulb idea, the perks of cutting out service staff, and the thought behind the design. To top it off, Chef Lawrence takes us into the kitchen to whip up three of his favorite dishes. Foie gras pâté? Braised octopus? Salt-cured sardines? We’ve got you covered!