That's Amari: Italian Herbal Liqueurs



Guests who are seeking a not-your-average, everyday cocktail will fall in love with voli dei Amari, or flights of Amari at Chef Joe Cicala's Brigantessa on Passyunk Avenue.

Not only is it delicious, it's surprisingly good for you. Digestivi, known collectively as Amari or singularly as Amaro, are Italian herbal liqueurs that can aid the digestive process. Visitors sipping on this beverage can soothe their stomachs after overeating, and can make a huge meal they've consumed go down a little easier as the perfect post-dinner drink.

Brigantessa offers 21 rare Amari, all hailing from different regions of Italy and ranging in bitterness and sweetness. They also offer some from Switzerland and beyond. 

"The beautiful thing and the challenging thing about Amari is that no two are alike," Paul Dellevigne, Brigantessa cocktail creator, said. "If someone is a novice to Amaro, we usually steer them toward the medium, the Nazionale, because it tends to be sweeter with hints of chocolate and minty peppermint. We like to tell people that Amaro is like the most pleasant Jägermeister they have never had before." Read More