Avanti Food & Beverage Hall - Denver's Newest Collective Eatery

Avanti Food & Beverage  | Yelp, Sara H.

Avanti Food & Beverage | Yelp, Sara H.

Opening earlier this month, newcomer Avanti Food & Beverage is Denver's newest food hall, a new category of dining options that has been taking off over the last year. Referring to themselves as a "collective eatery," Avanti gathers several restaurant concepts together to serve upscale cuisine at affordable prices. Maximum lunch entree pricing is $9 and for dinner entrees, $15.

Created by real-estate developer Rob Hahn and restaurateur Patrick O'Neill, the idea for the food hall came as a fusion of both European and southeast Asian style marketplaces as well as the current trend of food trucks serving upscale-style eats. In addition to the food marketplace, the hall also has secured its liquor license, allowing visitors to roam the two story building with cocktails in tow. Read More