You Heard it Right -- Philly Restaurants are Louder

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That's not the Liberty Bell ringing in your ears. With Philadelphia's restaurant scene getting plenty of buzz, many local residents may find a series of busy nights almost unbearable. Long gone are the days of hushed whispers and fine china, where the clatter of dropping a fork was enough to garner guilty embarrassment. Restaurant owners now find acoustics a function of interior design and are eager to create an atmosphere of cheerful racket.

"A lot of the restaurateurs seem to think that young people want it to be loud and noisy, but that's not what anyone over 40 wants," Lynn Godmilow, who resides in Rittenhouse Square, said. She was speaking at a Friend in the City meeting, an active older adult group, in order to rally people with this shared peeve. There are few in the group frustrated enough to even have a decibel-reading app on their smartphones, ready to unleash when complaining to a manager.

"People have gravitated, over the last couple years, to spaces that have more exposed surfaces, harder surfaces and generally have more energy -- noise -- than their predecessors," restaurant interior specialist of SL Design Chris Sheffield said, which contributes to the noise levels in latest designs.

Operators, what are your views on this generational consumer complaint? What is the balance between keeping guests happy and are interior acoustic treatments priority on your list? Read More