Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint — A Firsthand Look at the Growth of Fast-Casual Pizza

Fast-casual pizza is heating up — fast — beside the better-burger segment. With consumers’ preference for customization, what was once known to be a traditional American staple is now more stylish and flexible than ever.

In this episode of Fast Casual Nation, brought to you by the Foodable Network, Host Paul Barron visits Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint in Atlanta, where he sits down with Matt Andrew, founder and chief pizza maker, and former president and co-founder of Moe’s Southwest Grill. 

As one of the first contenders in the fast-casual pizza space, Andrew tells us why he made the jump from burritos to pizza, the benefits of this category, what the most eye-opening thing was about starting the brand, and more!

Watch the full episode as we dig into this thriving build-your-own fast-casual darling and get a taste of Uncle Maddio’s New-York-style crust, with varieties from wheat to gluten-free.