San Francisco Chef to Bring West Coast Style Cuisine to Dallas

Dido's Urban Grill  | Facebook

Dido's Urban Grill | Facebook

West Coast based chef Gary DiDominick, who has been cooking in San Francisco for the last 15 years, has made the move out to Dallas, taking over the closing Bocelli's Italian Bistro and opening his own Dido's Urban Grill in its place. While the chef made the move to Dallas for family reasons, DiDominick claims that Dallas is in a period of unprecedented growth making it the perfect time to open a new restaurant.

Looking to serve a wide range of cuisine that will tie his vast culinary experiences together, DiDominick hopes to bring a West Coast sensibility to his restaurant.  "What I'm bringing from the Bay Area is the farm-to-table sensibility," DiDominick told reporters. "Even though it's hard to do that in Texas with the heat in the summertime." Read More