A True Scratch-to-Table Restaurant: Here’s a Sample of Noble Sandwich Co.

The Texan food scene runs rampant with restaurants that are as dynamic and heart-pumping as a rodeo, all filled with action-packed flavors that take consumers on a wild ride. In Austin, Noble Sandwich Co. is no exception. With unique creations like the Thai Chicken, the Duck Pastrami, the Creole Catfish and the iconic Noble Pig, which gives guests layers of spicy ham, pulled pork, provolone and bacon to bite into, it’s no wonder foodies and pro-chefs alike frolic toward its doors.

But this pleasant sandwich shop is no stranger to Foodable. In July, it ranked in as No. 4 on the Austin Top 25, and before that, it took home the silver crown in May. What keeps everyone coming back? It’s more than just good food — it’s about the good people!

From Pals to Partners

This humble restaurant started serving its dishes in September 2010. There is even a nifty board by the counter that shows visitors how many days the restaurant has been in business. Co-owners and chefs John Bates and Brandon Martinez were friends in culinary school and remained good friends even as life paths took them toward different kitchens. Eventually, they wanted a place to call their own.

“The inspiration for the restaurant was basically me and Brandon wanted to create a sandwich shop where we could highlight our skill set as trained chefs but serve the kind of food we’d serve our family and friends if they came to the restaurant,” Bates said. “So the menu was kind of built out the things we would like to show off to all our friends, who are also cooks, people who were in the business, food that’s more thoughtfully considered.”

Classics with a Twist

One thing that sets Noble Sandwich Co. apart from the other joints in the area is their approach to the kitchen:

“Here at Noble Sandwich Co., we’re all about scratch-cooking. I mean, that’s kind of our calling card,” Bates said. “We’re a true scratch-to-table restaurant. We make everything here in-house.”

Every piece of bread, every cured meat, every pickling, every sauce, every condiment is made by the hands of the staff. And it’s this commitment that elevates the dishes. Take for example the restaurant’s twist on the classic BLT — the PBLT, which contains smoked pork belly, slow-roasted tomato, garlic mayo and romaine lettuce.

Or how about the salty-and-sweet bacon chocolate tart?

The menu is diverse and caters to all taste buds.

Cooking is All About Connecting to the Community

Noble Sandwich Co. hosts regular hog roasts, which the staff uses as an opportunity to connect with the community. There, they showcase their philosophy and passion, hoping their dedication to scratch-cooking will resonate with their neighbors.

“For us, this is not a sales opportunity, but an opportunity to make a relationship with somebody in the neighborhood, and that’s the important part of the business,” Bates said. He wants customers to leave feeling like they met nice people and had a real good sandwich.