Philadelphia Restaurants Get Competitive with Chalkboard Art

Chalkboard Art by Byron Lopez  | Foodable WebTV Network

Chalkboard Art by Byron Lopez | Foodable WebTV Network

Many restaurants nationwide employ chalkboard signs to draw attention to their businesses, but in Philadelphia, chalkboard signs have become an art - and having the best sign has become a fierce competition. During popular Philly food events, such as the recent Philadelphia Beer Week, restaurants and bars advertise their specials through these signs as well as compete to have the most artistic and original renditions displayed outside.

The obsession with chalk art has become so high that Jose Pistola's social media manager Nick Cejas organized last month's "Board City" chalkboard art competition that pitted local restaurants against each other in a social media chalkboard battle. Manager of Hotel Palomar's Square 1682, Miranda Paullin has even managed to make a second career of chalkboard art. Showcasing her pieces on her social media site, a number of local businesses have now begun commissioning Paullin to create unique chalkboard displays for their own establishments. Paullin attributes the recent chalkboard obsession amongst restaurants to websites such as Etsy and Pinterest. Read More