New York Restaurants Fight Against Styrofoam Ban

In New York, a number of restaurants have banned together to combat the recent legislation that moved to prohibit "polystyrene foam food-service products" in the city limits. The ban, which technically went into effect July 1st, is not set to be enforced until January of 2016 however local restaurants are already taking steps to overturn the measure.

Joining together to form the Restaurant Action Alliance, over 100 restaurants have already backed a petition that looks to overturn the styrofoam ban. Opponents of the ban claim that foam is 100% recyclable and that there is a vibrant economic sector that focuses on recycling these materials. In addition, the fear is that small restaurants will suffer under this ban as their carry-out packaging would cost nearly twice as much as foam options. As such, many smaller restaurants may need to raise prices to respond to the new packaging materials. Read More