Now Trending: Frozen Boozy Cocktails

Summer months may be winding down, but frozen boozy cocktails are heating up the bar scene. Bars around the country are lacing their bar menus with frozen icy treats. Frozen cocktails reflect the seasonal flavors of summer and keep bar patrons cool while the temperatures are rising. These treats range from boozy popsicles to fun, over-the-top, spirit-infused snow cones.  

Smoked Peaches and Cream snow cone at Meauxbar  | Credit: Christopher Brian

Smoked Peaches and Cream snow cone at Meauxbar | Credit: Christopher Brian

New Orleans

The first frozen cocktail up to bat hails out of New Orleans, where summer temperatures are almost unbearable. It should almost be mandatory for every bar to have some type of slushy concoction given the hot and humid weather in the Big Easy. Christopher Brian of Meauxbar is serving up a boozy twist on a childhood favorite: the Snow Cone. This smoked peach and cream snow cone is made with bourbon, peach shrub, smoked peach pit tincture, and condensed milk. After years away from the New Orleans heat, Brian was inspired to create a boozy snow cone. He insists, "No snowball is complete without condensed milk." 

For the cocktail: 


1.5 ounce Bourbon
1.5 ounce Peach Shrub
.5 ounce Cynar
Peach Tincture in desired amount
.5 ounces condensed milk


  • In a large shaker, add bourbon, peach shrub and cynar over ice. Shake well and strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with finely crushed ice. 
  • Spray peach tincture over top of mounded ice until well coated. 
  • Top with condensed milk.


Midwestern summers are harsh and it is no surprise that the Chicago bar scene is cooling down its patrons with a plethora of frozen cocktails. First up is Expat, a popup patio that serves up beer, rosé, cocktails, a raw bar, and most importantly boozy sno-cones.  Their sno-cones are $5.00 and flavors include rosé, limoncello, and Henny Sidecar. Next up, The Promontory is upgrading their gin and tonic for summer temps. They offer a blended gin and tonic made with Aviation Gin, house celery tonic, and lime. In addition, Q-tine, a poutine and BBQ restaurant, is serving a tequila-laced watermelon margarita slushy. Oak and Char, a restaurant devoted to midwestern sensibility, has frozen red sangria available to cool down your summer.  


Dallas knows how to bring it when it comes to frozen cocktails. The Rustic in Dallas is serving up frozen margaritas — but not just your ordinary margarita. They have added a tasty childhood treat to the mix: the Popsicle. Introducing fun tequila margaritas with fun popsicles added to this frozen concoction. Options are:

  • Sangria Swirl Margarita with a Grape Sangria Popsicle
  • Peach Schnapps Margarita with a Mimosa Popsicle
  • Strawberry Swirl Margarita with a Strawberry Daiquiri Popsicle 
  • Homemade Margarita with Margarita Popsicle

Milkshakes are also great frozen treats, especially when they are spiked with booze. Twisted Roost Burger Co. is twisting up milkshakes and adding booze to the mix.  These adult treats include the following:

  • Cookies and Cream (Amaretto and Oreo Cookies)
  • Baileys and Banana (Baileys Irish Cream and 99 Bananas Liqueur)
  • Mint Chocolate (Crème de Menthe and Chocolate)
  • Fruit Loop (Strawberry and 99 Bananas Liqueur)
  • Customize your own by adding a shot to any milkshake flavor

HG Sply Co. is a restaurant in Dallas that is focused on nutrient-rich food that is simple with cocktails to match. So, it is no surprise that they offer two different seasonal frozen cocktails. These include:

  • Frozen Double Under-Beet infused Dulce Vida Organic Tequila, fresh lime, and rosemary syrup
  • Frozen HG Moscow Mule Effen Vodka, fresh lime, agave syrup, topped with ginger Holy Kombucha

Simply put, frozen cocktails are all the rage this summer at bars and restaurants across the country. Some places offer cocktails like frozen margaritas all year round but are upgrading these simple treats for summer by adding popsicles. Other places are taking classic cocktails like gin and tonics and Moscow mules and blending them for a frozen summer treat. Check out frozen cocktails at your local bars and restaurants before summer ends to find your perfect frozen boozy treat.