Farm Burger — A Farm-to-Bun Fast Casual Invades the Better Burger Segment

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Millennial consumers on social media, according to Foodable Labs, are gobbling down fast casual “better burgers” at a rate of 3.2 burgers per month, 2.4 burgers per month by Gen Xers, and 1.7 burgers per month by Baby Boomers. The better burger business has been booming, but according to Foodable Founder & CEO Paul Barron, there are more concepts trying to jump on the bandwagon than are true innovators of the subsegment. To stay ahead of the game in a competitive market like this, brand stories have become vital.

Atlanta-based Farm Burger knows what’s up. Sustainable burgers on the menu, reclaimed wood interiors, and a partner who is an actual farmer, allows Farm Burger to stand out from the crowd. George Frangos, owner and operator at Farm Burger, joins us in this episode of “Fast Casual Nation” to talk about the brand, background and prior challenges, as well as the future of fast casual and the future of Farm Burger. Host Paul Barron also digs into some of Farm Burger’s prime menu items: a local, seasonal, peach burger; a veggie burger made up of quinoa, mixed greens, roasted beets and yoghurt; and a pastured pig burger with an Asian BBQ twist, with tasty sides to match.