Amy's Kitchen Launches California's First Vegetarian Drive-Thru

Amy's Drive-Thru  | Yelp, Amber M.

Amy's Drive-Thru | Yelp, Amber M.

Frozen food empire Amy's Kitchen has launched the state's first ever vegetarian drive-thru concept this month with the launch of Amy's Drive-Thru, a plant based quick serve that doles out vegetarian burgers, burritos and pizzas to hungry locals. In addition, the newcomer also features a number of hiqh-quality vegetarian dishes such as meatless chili, baked mac 'n cheese, and a variety of different salads, as well as several vegan and gluten free dining options. 

Amy's Drive-Thru assures diners that their meals will be prepared quickly and nutritiously, promising that the entirety of their ingredients, which are nearly all organic, are made from scratch and free of GMOs. Read More