Detroit Working on Food Truck Regulations

food truck

Will the food truck scene in Detroit be a bumpy road or a smooth ride?

The Detroit City Council is working to streamline regulations for the portable restaurant industry. Food trucks have been making their home across downtown Detroit, lines of customers and rows of trucks creating a vibrant community atmosphere of happy eating. 

Seeing how well they are received is pushing the council to construct a more cohesive, regulatory framework for the industry, with the goal to ease entry into the market, not close it off. Food truck operators must have two licenses to function: a food license that allows them to make their own meals, as well as a temporary business license from the city. However, there is no present business license specifically designed for food trucks, which makes the process confusing for entrepreneurs looking to join the playing field.

To make licensing more straightforward, the council is pushing to make requirements more uniform and aiming to construct a draft by the end of this year. Online licensing and posting information on the city website are other options being laid on the table.

Downtown Detroit Partnership's chief public spaces officer, Robert Gregory, said Cadillac Square will rent out space to more than 25 food trucks and small vendors this summer. He estimates that there are more than 50 food trucks in the metro and the number will keep growing. Read More