Minneapolis Saying Cheers to Italian Wines!


Italian wine lovers, pop a bottle and celebrate. The glass is definitely half-full (or completely full or totally empty...depending on how fast you can down your drink and refill) because they are now the focus of several new Minneapolis food operators.

Last month, Italian restaurants and their culinary geniuses have opened up to delight the metro. Along with these eateries, wholesalers have brought delicious drinks from across the sea to our taste buds. 

"My first surprise was that there was so much great Italian wine in the market," Mary Kole Macdonald of Parella said. Her wine list, which she deems is large and vibrant, is 100 percent Italian.

"I had picked so much Sicilian wine that I was totally blindsided," she said. "They have that warmer climate that's accessible to people. The grapes are mostly native, and they have these interesting expressions that are so layered, so many where I felt like there was really strong terroir aspect. I found myself having a love affair with Sicily." Read More