Oregon's 2 Towns Ciderhouse Looks To Spark Craft Cider Movement

2 Towns Ciderhouse  | Twitter

2 Towns Ciderhouse | Twitter

While the explosion of the craft beer scene has ensured that beer drinkers can find a handcrafted brew at nearly every local bar, the cider scene has been much slower to emerge in the United States. Oregon based 2 Towns Ciderhouse, however, is looking to change the current state of the craft cider scene and is working towards sparking a cider renaissance.

2 Towns Ciderhouse founders Lee Larsen, Aaron Sarnoff-Wood, and Dave Takush began their small cider operation only several years ago, but today are looking to expand production as well as an overall national interest in cider. To achieve this goal, they turned towards the source - the local apple growers themselves. Whereas in Europe, hundreds of apple varieties are grown for cider production, in the US most apples are grown to be eaten. Facing a lack of quality agricultural products to work with, the team decided to invest in local growers who had orchards of apples as well as other fruits such as rhubarb and cherries. 

Currently, 2 Towns has five farmers and over 40 acres growing apples reserved specifically for their cider production. The team hopes that with continued investment in local agriculture, they can make their artisanal craft ciders available to an even wider population. Read More