The Leadership Cookbook: Make an "Angry" Guest a Fan!

Demanding guests are your best friend.


Before you click off the page, I’m not talking about the customer who’s never happy. I’m talking about that guest that knows your food, beverage, or service quality well enough to know exactly what they want and how they want it. There are lots of reasons knowledgeable guests are your best friend. Two at the top of the list are:

1. Demanding guests typically know what they want. They can verbalize their expectations, so the likelihood of a miss in production is minimal.

2. When there is a production breakdown for whatever reason, these folks typically understand the effort to achieve quality. Their knowledge provides some window of opportunity and good for you and me, ironically there’s a bit of patience under fire. The nuance of patience is a paradox and a great segue for us in this chapter…

Most of us in the service business have experienced an angry customer. And yes, there are steps each of us can take to turn an angry or upset guest into a raging fan. Even better, these action steps can be taught. Here are 4 actionable steps to teach your team: