Dallas-based Ziosk Finds Success with E-Menu Format

Ziosk's E-Menu Tablets  | Photo Courtesy of Ziosk

Ziosk's E-Menu Tablets | Photo Courtesy of Ziosk

Dallas based company Ziosk has been leading the charge in restaurant technology development with its e-menu concept, claiming over 95% of the market share for the technology. The tablets are currently being utilized at over 1500 restaurants nationwide, including several larger brands including Olive Garden and Chilis, and the company has no plans of slowing down.

In addition to the unparalleled growth, restaurant owners who currently utilize the operating system have also reported a boost, finding that customers who use the e-menus are over 10 times more likely to  sign up for restaurant loyalty programs and 30 times more likely to fill out surveys of their experiences. Additional benefits the tablets provide include increased social engagement, allowing customers to check in on social media as well as a raise in the average Per Person Average (PPA) especially within dessert sales as the tablets advertise the restaurants offerings with tantalizing photographs throughout the meal. The tablets are even helping to entertain restless children with their inclusions of video games and trivia quizzes. Read More