Renata Restaurant Named The Oregonian's Restaurant of the Year, Two Weeks After Opening

Renata Restaurant  | Yelp, Gregory W.

Renata Restaurant | Yelp, Gregory W.

The Oregonian food critic Michael Russell has ignited a fiery debate in Portland after naming newcomer Renata restaurant the top restaurant of the year in the newspaper's annual food issue. Renata restaurant has been receiving much critical acclaim amongst diners and critics alike, but having only been open for a mere two weeks, its ranking as the top restaurant in Portland has struck a sour note amongst many who feel that two weeks is hardly enough time for a restaurant to establish itself.

Portland restaurateurs and chefs, all quoted anonymously shared their reactions with Willamette Week, and most were not favorable. Comments included attacks on Russell's credibility as a journalist, questioning how many times he could have possibly visited the new restaurant, alongside other comments revolving around the new trend of journalism celebrating "newness" and hype over consistency and quality. Read More