Aquaponics Company Launches Mini-Vegetable Growing Systems

Aquaponics Vegetable Tanks  | Courtesy of Mobius Microfarms

Aquaponics Vegetable Tanks | Courtesy of Mobius Microfarms

Portland based Aquaponics company recently announced its creation of cabinet sized food growing systems that will grow a variety of vegetables in small fish tanks. Aquaponics includes utilizing water mixed with fish waste that feeds plants, allowing for the avoidance of fertilizer, the reduction of environmental costs and food waste, the conservation of water, and a retaining of more nutrients in the food products.

Using prize money won at the Portland State University/Wells Fargo Cleantech Challenge, Mobius Microfarms has already established several of these mini-food growing systems inside both local Portland homes and restaurants. Mobuis Microfarms next plans to create a subscription service where the company will sell their produce directly to local Portland residents. Read More