Vegas Chefs Cook Up Brew Inspired Dishes

Chef Gene Benzel  | Photo by Krystal Ramirez 

Chef Gene Benzel | Photo by Krystal Ramirez 

Las Vegas chefs are known for their culinary experimentation and now, some have taken it a step further incorporating beer into their dishes. Local Vegas based chefs explained their surprising choice for an ingredient as a "damn fine cooking ingredient."

At Brewer's Cafe, Chef Gene Benzel partnered with in-house brewmaster Jeffrey 'Bubba" Amas when developing his beer inspired BBQ dishes. Featuring a German dunkel lager into his sauce, Benzel claims the smoky aromas don't overpower his dishes but add a nice, roasted complexity. Nearby at Ri Ra Irish Pub, traditional pub style fare are cooked up with Guinness, bringing an extra bite to many of their dishes. What other local hot spots are incorporating beer into their culinary programs? Read More