Blaze Pizza — Putting a Franchise Spin on Fast-Casual Pizza

In an open, warehouse-inspired space in South Florida, lives fast-casual pizza spot Blaze Pizza. But unlike other fast-casual pizza concepts we have covered on the show thus far, Blaze is franchise-based.

In this episode of “Fast Casual Nation,” we sit down with Adam Cummis, President, Blaze Pizza Franchise for Illinois & South Florida, to talk about the customizable, 40-ingredient-toppings concept and the challenges of a franchise model. How does the Blaze team leverage resources and synergies, like real estate and hiring, between South Florida and Chicago? What does the line experience look like? What are some of the most popular selections? And most importantly, with so many pizza players on the scene — especially in Chicago — what sets Blaze apart from its competition? Watch the full episode to find out all that, and more!