Chef Greg Vernick Dishes on the First Meal That Changed His Life

Philly natives and transplants alike — at least, those who follow the food scene at all — are probably familiar with Vernick Food & Drink. Located at 2031 Walnut Street, the highly acclaimed restaurant, co-owned by super couple Greg and Julie Vernick, specializes in to-the-point dishes that capture complex flavors. 

Greg, who is also Vernick’s Executive Chef, was named a finalist for “Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic” by the James Beard Foundation earlier this year. And between his resume — he grew up in the industry working at well-known establishments like Per Se and Jean-Georges Restaurants — and his love for executing a combination of fresh ingredients as simply as possible, it’s not difficult to see why. 

Earlier this month, Foodable asked the Chef some personal questions. What was the first meal that changed his life? What one ingredient can he not live without? And what is the most important lesson he learned in the first year of owning a restaurant?

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