Denver Distillery Releases "Flood-Proof" Whisky

Spirit Hound Distillery  | Courtesy of Spirit Hound

Spirit Hound Distillery | Courtesy of Spirit Hound

After the devastation of Denver's 2013 flood, one local distillery has reason to celebrate. Spirit Hound distillery suffered immense damage from the floods, forcing them to place their production on hold for six months. However despite the damage, Spirit Hound has just released a 90 proof malt whisky that they have named "flood-proof" as it was made before the floods hit and then put into barrels to age.

Co-Owner Craig Englehorn remarked on the special nature of the limited production whisky that escaped damage from the flood. He does note that due to the humidity and aromas caused by the flood, the liquid inside was no doubt affected by the flood water. With only two barrels made, the spirit will be sold only at the distillery due to the entirely limited nature of the whisky. Read More