Hatchet Hall Draws Ire for Nontraditional Wine List

Hatchet Hall  | Twitter

Hatchet Hall | Twitter

What constitutes a “proper” wine list? Should it be informative, providing additional information such as tasting notes, region and typicity? Is it a document meant to serve as a price list, allowing guests to choose a wine within their given budget?

One thing it shouldn’t be is provocative, at least according to restaurant critic Besha Rodell of LA Weekly who recently penned a very angrily written review of new Culver City restaurant Hatchet Hall’s untraditional wine list. In the article, Rodell goes as far as claiming Hatchet Hall’s list is a “cruel and maddening joke” for its refusal to fit within the traditional, and more importantly expected, parameters of restaurant wine lists. Following her lead, several more reviewers jumped on the bandwagon to deliver their share of scorn.

So what is it about this wine list that has made it so controversial? Simply put – the formatting. Read More