Local Herbalist Unveils Line of Craft Bitters

Strongwater Craft Bitters  | Mark Antonation

Strongwater Craft Bitters | Mark Antonation

Local botanist Kelsey Riley has announce the release of a new line of craft bitters, inspired by her own experiences working with a number of botanicals. Conceptualized alongside Nick Anderson, the duo formed a company called Strongwater with hopes of distilling their own spirits, however the first release from the company will be the craft bitters as well as a concoction Riley calls a "shrub" made up of a sweetened, infused vinegar.

Both the shrubs and bitters are crafted with local ingredients such as organic Colorado honey, herbs, fruit, and flowers. The duo released the products to appeal to the growing craft cocktail movement always looking for new local flavors to incorporate into their beverage programs. Read More