St. Philip Restaurant Closes Bakery, Rebrands as Pizzeria

St Philip Restaurant  | Yelp, St. Philip

St Philip Restaurant | Yelp, St. Philip

Local Austin favorite restaurant St. Philip has closed its bakery and re-branded itself as St. Philip Pizza Parlor. A part of the Uchi Restaurant Group, St. Philip previously served up a number of culinary options on its vast menu, however the restaurant has decided to focus on what it does best: pizza.

Uchi Restaurant Group Presiden John Baydale stated in a recent press release "We've recognized over the past few months at St. Philip that when we narrow our focus, we do our best work. The bakeshop, while delicious and inventive, diverted our attention from our menu in the restaurant and now we can really devote our full energies to the pizza and small plate offerings for lunch, dinner and brunch." Read More