Catching Up With Bryan Voltaggio: From "Top Chef" Finalist to Hunger Advocate

Bryan Voltaggio has hit more than a few milestones in the past seven years since opening his first restaurant, VOLT, in 2008. He became a finalist on “Top Chef” Season 6, helped pass a legislation in the state of Maryland to provide breakfast to students at at-risk schools, and cycled 300 miles from New York to D.C. to raise hunger awareness with Share Our Strength. 

Voltaggio now owns and operates five restaurants in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area: VOLT, Aggio, Family Meal, Range, and Lunch Box.

In the video above, we catch up with the chef at Range, Voltaggio’s DC-based, nose-to-tail restaurant that celebrates Mid-Atlantic ingredients. 

Using local produce always seemed a natural fit for Voltaggio since he grew up near a farm, where neighbors would gather to shuck sweet corn after it was harvested, later making dishes from it, like creamed corn.

Range’s kitchen, which you’ll get a sneak peek of, offers a unique setup of small kiosk-like kitchens, each one focusing on something different: a patisserie, for example, where they bake all their own breads, and a full butcher program, where meats are handled and cured. All meats received at Range are in raw format, allowing for a full nose-to-tail operation, which is what Range is really about, Voltaggio says.

Watch the full video to learn more about the highly acclaimed chef and what drives him.