Out of Town Chefs Make their Mark on NOLA Culinary Scene


New Orleans has long been known as a city with a fusion of cultures, peoples and cuisine — and it's current culinary development is no different, with a number of chefs from other states and nations beginning to come to the area to open a number of unique restaurant concepts. Most famous of these transplant chefs would of course be Emeril Lagasse, however over the last several years the number has increased with culinary talent from all over flocking to New Orleans.

Nina Compton is one such chef who became enamored with the city after filming Top Chef: New Orleans, opening her concept Compere Lapin with her husband earlier this year. Compton explained that while the city welcomes the wide range of talent from outside the city, there is a local custom for non-native chefs to gain the go-ahead from an established chef or business in the city before opening a new concept. Learn more about the culinary mixing pot in New Orleans here