Taster's Table Club Offers Diners Exclusive Access to Austin's Top Restaurants

Tasting Table Dinner  | Girl Eats World

Tasting Table Dinner | Girl Eats World

Austin newcomer Taster's Table is a revolutionary new dining experience that offers Austin locals exclusive access to a number of the city's top restaurants. Inspired by founder Max Kunik's own "must-try" restaurant list, Taster's Table is essentially a monthly dining collective that offers Austin-ites the opportunity to try local restaurants at a reduced price. By paying a monthly fee, members are able to choose tasting menus offered by ten different restaurants each month.

"It's a win for all parties. The consumer wins because they're getting a good, perceivable value on the menu, and the restaurants win because they bring in about 12 people who may not have come in before," says fellow founder Matt Wolski. Read More