Minneapolis Cocktail Rooms, Where Limitation Meets Innovation

Thanks to new legislation, the Twin Cities has upped its cocktail game. More distilleries are popping up now due to a few factors. For one, annual fees to run a distillery in Minnesota dropped significantly, making it a more accessible route. And with these distilleries come drinking rooms. But this cocktail game has more rules than most. 

Opposite of a smorgasbord of libations to fulfill even the pickiest of drinkers, which is what you would find in a typical bar, drinking rooms in Minnesota are only allowed to serve the alcohol made by that distiller. Cocktails can be complimented only by general things — like juices — you’d find in a grocery store. This goes for beer, too. So, if someone wants to order a Manhattan at a gin and vodka distillery, tough luck — unless that distillery makes its own version of vermouth. But these limitations, believe it or not, are actually increasing the creative genius behind the bar. And it’s even become an underlying dictation to create a more expansive portfolio of in-house spirits. Read More