How Restaurateurs Can Help Close the Gender Gap in the Restaurant Industry

According to data from Glassdoor, male chefs earn an average of 28.1% more than female chefs. 

This is partially due to the fact that pregnant and new mothers can't take extended unpaid leave because benefit packages tend to be limited in the restaurant industry. 

Danny Meyer has always been ahead of the game, first with establishing the no-tipping policy, and now he has announced that new parents, whether they be women, men or domestic partners, working for his restaurant group will be given an extended benefits package to cover paid leave.

If other restaurants adopt a similar program, this will help close the gender gap in the industry. Since women often have to pick between advancing their careers or having children– this has inevitably created a male dominated restaurant world. 

But with industry leaders like Meyer paving the way, other restaurants are bound to follow suit.

So what does the extended benefits package by Union Square Hospitality Group offer employees at the group's 14 restaurants?

"All full time employees in the front and back of the house with more than one year of employment will be offered 100 percent of their base wages for the first four weeks after their child is born or adopted. After that, all employees will be offered 60 percent of their base wages for the next four weeks," writes "Eater."

The package will be available to employees who qualify starting in 2017. 

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