Amazon Is Headed For the Grocery Store Industry

There’s no doubt Amazon has been killing it in the world of online retail. From books to bedding, jewelry to sports equipment, there is virtually nothing you can’t order from beloved

Well, except for maybe certain types of groceries, but that may be about to change. 

Thanks to the tech giant’s grocery delivery project, Amazon Fresh, consumers now have a more convenient way to shop for food online. Still, not every consumer may feel comfortable buying raw meat or fresh produce without seeing it first.

Enter the Amazon grocery store. 

According to Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to open branded brick-and-mortar stores that are, “designed to capture the large share of people who prefer to pick out their produce or bring home their groceries on the way home from work.”

As for the customer who’s all about avoiding the grocery store at all costs, Amazon has them covered too. The company will allow these shoppers to use their smartphones to place online orders that can be delivered or picked up at one of its new curbside pickup locations where online orders would be delivered directly to customer vehicles. And if that wasn’t convenient enough, the publication also reports that Amazon is rumored to be working on technology to cut down customer wait times, including a license plate reader that will alert employees when a shopper has arrived to pick up his or her order. 

Amazon has been largely credited for changing the book industry, and by the looks of it, might be shaking up the grocery game in a major way, too. 

Coinciding with the news of the new Amazon grocery stores, the price of AmazonFresh has dropped as well, now available for $15 per month for Amazon Prime members, (versus $299 for a standard yearly subscription). 

According to Eater, Amazon is also building a drive-in grocery store in Seattle, which “could be a model for future projects, though the company hasn’t provided comment.”

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