Chick-fil-A's Secret Recipe? Customer Service

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We consistently see Chick-fil-A land at the top of our lists pulled from Foodable Labs consumer data. So why do consumers love this quick-serve concept?

Well, according to analysts, Chick-fil-A's success is partially attributed to their approach to customer service.

The brand makes customer service a high priority and it has paid off. The chain is almost always at the top of the American Customer Service Index's annual ranking.

So what can other brands learn from Chick-fil-A?

The brand communicates effectively with employees. They explain the "Why" to their workers, which gets them more invested.

"Employers are constantly just telling employees what to do," said Paul Brown, Arby's CEO, which also revamped its customer service training, to Business Insider. "But, people are engaged very differently when you're telling them why."

Another strategy that has been effective by the chicken-focused fast food chain is that each franchisee is only allowed to operate one location. This allows the operator to focus more on the store and not lose sight of the brand's core values. While other brands like Arby's, McDonald's, and KFC have franchisees who own hundreds of restaurants.

With that in mind, Arby's, which orchestrated one of the most successful rebrands in the restaurant industry's history, is trying to step up its customer service game.

"[Customer service] is absolutely critical,” said Paul Brown, Arby's CEO to Business Insider. "There are more choices out there… Look at retail! You have the choice of if you even want to go into a store at all."

The brand started to require all employees to attend a yearly Brand Champ training in 2014. Not only does this help to hone their customer service skills, but the employees learn about the brand's goals and are given some motivation and tips to achieve their own personal goals.  

This training has paid off according to the data by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. In the last year, Arby's customer service score has spike by 8%. Arby’s also reported the 9 of 10 customers have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction over the last two years.

But, Arby’s isn’t the only brand attempting to improve customer service across all stores in their system. KFC has started a massive retraining program, also. Read more.