Emmy Squared Brings Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza to New York

Video Produced By Vanessa C. Rodriguez

In this “On Foodable Side Dish,” correspondent Agnes Chung heads over to Williamsburg to chat with Chef Matthew Hyland at Emmy Squared, the second pizza bar named after his wife, who is also the co-owner and front-of-house manager, Emily Hyland. There, Chung learned about an underrepresented style of pizza in New York, the Detroit-style deep dish pizza, and their subterranean burger lounge.

Detroit-Style Pizza

What differentiates this pizza from the famous New York Slice is that, for starters, it is baked in a square pan. Also, two more key features of a Detroit-style pizza are there is a cheesy crust on the outside and sauce is placed on top. The first time Chef Hyland tried this style of pizza, it was actually delivered from the Motor City itself.

“We actually ordered it frozen from Buddy’s, a very famous place in Detroit, so they shipped it across the country for us…. It’s really good! ” said Hyland.

From his perspective, this was an eye-opening experience.

“It was pretty spectacular because growing up eating Sicilian pizza and grandma pizza here...those were really the only exposure to square pizza we had in New York! ” said Hyland. 

The learning curve was not easy. For Chef Hyland, it took months to perfect the Detroit-style pizza. The secret was testing the different types of pans, their distinct shapes and sizes until he found the right one that cooked the best deep dish pizza in his convention oven with a conveyor belt.

Restaurant & Subterranean Burger Lounge

Emmy Squared is a little more casual than its sister restaurant, Emily, in Clinton Hill. However, it still features a similar design color scheme with black and copper accents throughout the space. The husband-and-wife duo wanted to make sure Emmy was not limited to serving only pizza by offering other food that was fun to eat, including small plates, sandwiches, and burgers. Their subterranean burger lounge, which only opens on Friday and Saturday nights, serves the famous Le Big Matt burger, declared a Must-Try by Zagat, along with specially-selected cocktails and beers on separate draft lines chosen just for the downstairs area. Their goal is to open the underground bar seven days a week.

Watch the full episode now to learn the secrets to making the Detroit-style deep dish pizza and Le Big Matt burger!