What You Need to Know About Attracting Top Talent to Your Restaurant

Attracting talent is a complex and daunting task. Many restaurateurs and general managers don't have the time or resources to find their ideal candidates. And because of this, they tend to cut corners, leaving themselves with candidates who aren't exactly what they are looking for.

Don’t let that happen to you. Here are some ways you can recruit — as well as retain — top talent in your restaurant or brand.

Set Explicit Job Specifications

As the employer, not being explicit when explaining job specifications to a recruiting firm or on your job ad can really set you back. If you want the candidates to actually suit the position, you must be detail-orientated. Don't leave anything out, even if the task seems too insignificant to mention. Leaving out certain responsibilities can make the chances of finding a perfect candidate even slimmer. Moreover, you'll be wasting your candidate’s time.

Individuals (typically) only apply to jobs that they know they have the skill set for, so there should be no surprises in regards to the positions tasks and responsibilities. Furthermore, not only should you be thorough when explaining responsibilities and necessary skills, you should also highlight how you want particular tasks done. Certain things shouldn't be taught after the candidate is hired.

Telling an employee to adjust their attitude to better fit the atmosphere is fine, but giving them an additional responsibility that wasn't mentioned in the job order is not. Interviews are held so you get to understand which candidates are able to do the necessary tasks the best. How can you accurately judge candidates on how suitable they are for the job if the requirements are incomplete? Many employees can adjust to new responsibilities easily, however assuming that your candidates will be able to do so, is a risk you should not be willing to take.

Be Willing to Compensate Accordingly

When hiring top talent, you need to ensure that their paychecks match that. These employees are considered top talent for a reason. Whether it's because they have a certain skill set other employees don't or a perspective that always comes in handy, you must acknowledge that they're valued and the only way to do so is by paying up. By cutting corners, you'll lose these individuals, which is the last thing you want.

More importantly, when it comes to the hiring process, you may not even get a chance for these individuals to be on your team. If I were a candidate who knew that what I could offer to your business is extremely valuable, I would go in for an interview expecting that the offered pay is going to match that. If it doesn't? I will simply move on and look for better opportunity. As an employer, you don't want to have a “the one that got away” experience with potential candidates because you decided to be cheap. We all have jobs for a reason and you can't pay someone with management responsibilities the same amount as a part-time dishwasher.

Give People a Reason to Stay

It can already be challenging to attract top talent, but it's an even greater obstacle to get them to stay on your team. It's your job to find ways that encourage your employees to stay. The best way to do so is by making sure employees are comfortable.

One of the most important factors that contribute to employees’ comfortability is the work environment. No employee should feel as though their work isn't valued, and not only that, but they also should feel respected. To ensure that all your employees know that they and their work has worth, the job environment must be suitable.

For instance, in a restaurant setting, things can get hectic. The only way you can get through that lunch hour rush is by having a solid team. Make sure you focus on the importance of communication with your team so that coworkers will be aware of who needs some extra help and to ensure that the flow can adequately meet a high-stress environment. Basically, although your employees should already be capable, it is your job to also make them feel more secure.

Another way you can ensure that top talent stays on your team is by providing them with opportunity to grow within your business. Giving employees promotions ensures they'll feel like they're moving up in the company, encouraging them to stay. When it comes to top talent, letting them know they'll be able to grow will make the position sound that much better.

Ultimately, attracting top talent starts with you, the employer. It's your job to make sure that the candidates are well-informed. It’s your job to let your top talent know they're valued by giving them the right compensation. When a candidate gets hired, establish a welcoming environment and are given opportunity to excel, and top talent will be drawn to you and your business.