Basic Design Tips for a New Brand

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Episode 3: Basic Design For A New Brand

Do you want to increase the productivity of your restaurant and branding before your concept even gets off the ground? You should! In this episode, we go over the measures that need to be in place to have a solid foundation before diving into restaurant design.

Steps to Take Before Design Begins

  1. The crucial first step is to know who you want to be, so you must identify the brand and how it will develop.
  2. Then, you must conduct a feasibility study to determine the degree of being easily and conveniently done.
  3. Next, you must know whether or not you will be profitable if you carry out this venture. So create a business plan!
  4. Something that is very important is estimating the menu cost, because as an owner, you need to know how much money you’re going to spend.
  5. Then, identify the style and speed of service.
  6. A well thought-out menu is the foundation to design and needs to be established early.
  7. Determine what kind of customer you are going to be reaching for by identifying the market target.
  8. Answer this: What makes your business unique, different, better and/or special?

Important Pre-Design Considerations

  • Will this design work for the location you have chosen or multiple locations in various markets?
  • Will this brand or concept create significant sales? Enough to pay expenses and generate a profit?
  • Does the brand concept have a staying power in the marketplace and economy?

The Design Team

When beginning a new venture, it is important to get your team involved early. Ideally, you want to have your CEO, CFO, accountant, lawyer, management team, and culinary leaders in place and involved at the early stages to get a broader idea of how the design decisions will impact each department.

You should also consider hiring the following early on depending on your venture:

  • Foodservice consultants
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Interior designers with experience in the foodservice sector

Finally, the Rockers will go over some potential questions to ask team members and consultants when hiring.

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