Chef George Sabatino's Aldine Restaurant Celebrates Year Two

Philadelphia’s burgeoning food scene has attracted talent from some of the top culinary hot spots in the country. You simply have to walk around Center City to see the growth and the richness in choice and experience that have become available to the Philly foodie.

“The current food scene in Philadelphia — the best way to describe it — is flourishing,” Chef George Sabatino of Aldine Restaurant said.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 5.24.05 PM.png

In this “Table 42” vignette, we follow Philly native Sabatino, who opened Aldine Restaurant just two years ago, but the business has already made huge strides for being so young. (For one, this restaurant is No. 1 on Foodable’s Philadelphia Top 25.) Aldine’s kitchen reflects the cuisine and style that is entirely Sabatino’s own. What is his greatest culinary motivation and inspiration? To bring a local, farm-to-table cuisine with a passion for aesthetic and, of course, flavor that is uniquely Philadelphia.  

“I think a lot of chefs kind of go and travel… Go to Chicago or New York and work with big name chefs. I never did that. I kind of got fortunate — I’ve cooked here my entire time,” he added.

Our recent exploration of Philadelphia has revealed a group of culinarians with sense of pride and community.  Make sure to check out our other episodes Fast Casual Nation featuring Matt and Marie's, Table 42 Vignette featuring A. Kitchen, and Across the Bar featuring A.Bar as we continue to explore the growth in Philadelphia.