Henry's Majestic Heats Up Dallas Winter Season With 11 New Cocktails


Henry's Majestic is a fitting name for a tavern with majestic, creative fare and signature cocktails, beer, and wine. This rustic restaurant may be based in a Dallas, a city known for its hot, humid weather, but it seems like the holiday season came a little early to the Lone Star State. As of November 8, Henry's Majestic added 11 new winter cocktails to its menu.

"It can be difficult to create a fall menu because Dallas tends to have mild winters. So, I try to keep the flavors of the season that I remember when I was young and apply them in a way that is still bearable during a warmer climate," Alex Fletcher, the corporate beverage director of Bread Winners, Inc. and Henry's Majestic lead mixologist, said in a press release.

Fletcher is a veteran bartender — borderline chef, really — known for his unique, far-out crafts and delivering to the best to Dallas drinkers. From experimenting with dried fruits and tobacco to black sesame seed vermouth and saffron martinis, this mixology master is used to thinking outside the bar. And it's a hard job.

"There is a lot of fun in this industry and I love the face time with our customers, but it can be really stressful. Especially with what we're doing with all these craft cocktails," he said to the Dallas Observer. "We're practically creating a dish in a glass, and we have to do that while 300 thirsty people watch us. It's fun, it's a great time, but it's more than you think."

So, what fun creations has Henry's Majestic concocted?

The 72nd Old Fashioned uses rye whiskey, baking spice reduction, citrus oil, and bitters. The Headless Manhattan is made with a fun pumpkin-infused rye, vermouth, amaro, bitters, and citrus oil. Yo Soy Capitan will delight palates with tequila, black plum, citrus, and Fresno cinnamon syrup. But these are just a few of Henry's Majestic's thirst-quenchers. Others feature pickled blackberries, dark cherries, egg whites, apple shrub, butter poached pear-infused brandy, and other adventurous ingredients. Check out the full menu here.

"As a city, I've noticed Dallas has become more adventurous and is starting to branch out into other flavors, such as squash and sweet potato, which is fun to see — and taste!" Fletcher said.

Henry's Majestic is more than a watering hole. Hungry guests can also swing by for an approachable menu of large and small plates, and they can even bring furry friends to enjoy their spacious, dog-friendly patio with an outdoor fireplace, pool table, and TVs. So, treat yourself to a little early holiday gift and sip on these new winter cocktails.